From small interactions to full page designs, the best place to try out responsive ideas is in the browser.

Note: While this pattern library is the source of truth for front-end patterns, you should always refer to the live site as the most up-to-date reference for pages. Some prototypes may be removed if they become broken through the course of development. You may view a snapshot of prototypes as they were in September, 2017.

Element Collage

A collage of original but disparate design elements meant to demonstrate ideas without committing to a particular layout. As originator Dan Mall put it:

A full comp often requires ideas to be fully realized. An element collage allows me to document a thought at any state of realization and move on to the next.

Element Collage (Round 2 Combo)

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Mood Board

A collage of images, textures, typography, colors or other materials, intended to evoke or visually summarize a particular style or concept.

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