Container for introductory text content with accompanying "full-bleed" lifestyle imagery. Intended to lead pages showcasing product listings within a specific category.

If no image is necessary, you can accompish the same thing with a simple u-contain* utility.

Example Title

Ja jeakdag bojgeej je cuwotga rolusedel os zazza oftefaw hobge jobade oza jaj nud bervemev.

<div class="Intro">
  <div class="Intro-splash" style="background-image: url(/images/prototypes/tcs/generator-lifestyle.jpg);"></div>
  <div class="Intro-content">
    <div class="u-padSides1 u-padEnds2 u-md-padEnds4 u-staggerItems02">
      <h1 class="u-md-textSize5 u-lg-textSize6">
          Example Title
        So naculog ho digik ve paisu gehinuf nokve ar lesallo caugidal zap liben somemiw jaheltaj jugifgej.