Form Prototypes

A collection of form prototypes.

Inputs v1

  • deprecated

Prototype for v1 form input elements

Inputs v2

  • deprecated

Prototype for v2 form input elements

Inputs v3

  • deprecated

Combines v1 and v2 input styles. These inputs feature the floating label functionality found in the v2 prototype combined with the border styling from v1. Focus states for the input elements are more subtle, using a single border instead of the double black/yellow border from v1.

Free T Shirt Form Error: Already Submitted

Special messaging if a t-shirt has already been requested for the submitted review.

Free T Shirt Form Loading State

Showing the loading state after a customer submits the form and we're validating their submission

Free T Shirt Form Miscellaneous Error Message

The message if a miscellaneous error occured. This should never happen, but it's possible if a customer loses their wifi connection or our site goes down

Free T Shirt Form Pending Message

If they just submitted their review it may still be making its way through our system

Free T Shirt Form Success Message

The message after a successful form submission.

Free T Shirt Form With Validation Errors

Showing incorrect or unfilled required fields

Free T Shirt Form

A form allowing customers to request a free t shirt in exchange for reviewing a product.