Product Registration Prototypes

Prototypes exploring a revised product registration experience.

Product Registration: Horizontal Flow (C)

Different progress marker design.

Product Registration: Heading Refinement (A)

Approximating some progress bar and heading refinements to apply to multiple steps of the prototypes.

Product Registration: Select by Serial (C)

Similar to B but flow is re-separated into distinct steps for consistency.

Product Registration: Select by Model (B)

New fallback step based on the "B" and "C" variations of selecting by serial.

Product Registration: Confirm Selection (B)

Updated to reflect unique serial numbers.

Product Registration: Installation Details (C)

Another version separating out the authorized and custom dealer info so that "other" isn't buried under hundreds of options.

Product Registration: Purchase Details (A)

The step that follows product selection or installation details, depending on whether or not the product was installable. Includes improved file input styles.

This is still a relevant prototype for when an authorized dealer wasn't selected in the previous step.

Product Registration: Purchase Details (B)

With distinct dealer and retailer fields.

Product Registration: Survey (A)

Exact fields have yet to be confirmed, this is just visualizing possibilities.

Product Registration: Customer Details (A)

Step where customer provides their contact information.

Product Registration: Review (B)

Alternative approach to review details.

Product Registration: Submission Error (A)

What displays when there is a submission error.

Product Registration: Success (A)

Shown after a successful registration.